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drmathison       (1/16/08 at 12:00)
Character sheet for: Sir Dr. M. Montgomery Mathison III
Sir Dr. M. Montgomery Mathison III
LN Human 18: Wizard(Diviner) 7 / Loremaster 9 / Archmage 2
Medium size; age 27 years; 5'9", 155lbs; Bald, sporting an immaculately geometrical black goatee.

HP: 146
Init: +2
AC: 18 (12 touch, 16 flat-footed; 6 armor + 2 dex)
Movement: 30 (fly 30 with elemental body)
Caster level checks: +20 (+2 evocation)
Spell penetration checks: +22 (+2 evocation)
STR 8 [-1]
DEX 12 [+1] (+2 enhancement = 14 [+2])
CON 14 [+2] (+6 enhancement = 20 [+5])
INT 23 [+6] (+6 enhancement = 29 [+9])
WIS 12 [+1]
CHA 8 [-1] (+2 enhancement = 10 [+0])
Fort: +13 (= 5 base + 5 ability + 1 resistance +2 misc (secret of true stamina))
Ref: +8(= 5 base +2 ability + 1 resistance)
Will: +20 (=14 base + 1 ability + 1 resistance + 4 misc (iron will, secret of inner strength))
conditional: +2 save vs transmutation

BAB: +8/+3
Grapple: +7
Rays: +10 touch / cr: 20x2
Rays w/ "Lucky bonus" and haste: +15 touch / cr: 20x2
Mwk. Dagger: +8 / 1d4-1 / cr: 19-20x2

Craft(Alchemy)329212 (lab)
Decipher Script30921
Disable Device1291(cc)2 (mwk tools)
Heal8152 (mwk tools)
Knowledge(arcana)349211+3 (eidetic mem + focus)
Knowledge(arch/engr)209101 (eidetic memory)
Knowledge(dungeoneering)319211 (eidetic memory)
Knowledge(geography)11911 (eidetic memory)
Knowledge(history)15951 (eidetic memory)
Knowledge(nobility/royalty)11911 (eidetic memory)
Knowledge(planes)319211 (eidetic memory)
Knowledge(religion)11911 (eidetic memory)
Spellcraft35*9212+3 (synergy+focus) [+2 div / -5 necro]
Speak Language13
Use Magic Device7*07[+4 wrt scrolls]

XP: 153,066 / 171,000

Eidetic Memory [human]
Scribe Scroll [wizard]
Iron Will [1st]
Skill Focus (know(arcana)) [3rd]
Metamagic feat to cast without LOS at +1 spell level [wizard]
Craft Wondrous Item [6th]
Skill Focus (spellcraft) [9th]
Spell Penetration [12th]
Spell Focus (transmutation) [this is an "inerent bonus" from reading the Codex of Change]
Spell Focus (evocation) [applicable knowledge]
Leadership [15th]
Quicken Spell [18th]

Special Abilities:
Secret of Inner Strength
Lore (+20 = loremaster lvl + int bonus + 2 (synergy))
Secret of Newfound Arcana (1st)
Secret of Newfound Arcana (2nd)
Applicable Knowledge
Mastery of Shaping (burst, cone, cylinder, emanation, or spread)
+2 save vs transmutation [this is an "inerent bonus" from reading the Codex of Change]
+2 evocation caster level (while wearing the Robe of Arcane Might)
Spell-Like-Ability: Time Stop (2x /day)
Secret of True Stamina




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[Character sheet for: Sir Dr. M. Montgomery Mathison III] - [Dr. Mathison cont'd - Gear] - [Character sheet for: Kragesh (Dr. Mathison's henchman)] - [Kragesh cont'd - Spells]
drmathison       (1/16/08 at 12:00)
Dr. Mathison cont'd - Gear
Robe of Arcane Might (+6 armor / +2 evocation caster level) [robe]
Ring of Minor Fire Resistance (10 / round) [ring 1]
Ring of Counterspells (greater dispel magic) [ring 2]
Cloak of Minor Displacement (20% miss chance) [cloak]
Burning Lotus (channel fire spells)
Professor's Spectacles (+6 int; continuous detect magic) [eyes]
Crescent Staff (+2 caster level checks; +1 resistance; Eberron shard acts as a spellbook)
Handy Haversack
Library Book (stores great amounts of info; may "take 20" on knowledge checks)
Brooch of Shielding (78 points left) [brooch]
Nonmagical gas mask
Mephit Cauldron (summon one mephit (permanently?)) (at base)
Mage hand "wand" (eberron shard; infinite charges)
Sash (+2 cha, glamer clothes at will) [belt]
Boots (+6 con) [boots]
Bracers of Arrow Deflection [wrist]
Gloves of Dexterity +2 [hands]
Augury bones (1/day)
"The Door"

More gear:
Lantern of continual flame
Sphere containment device
Traveler's clothes
Spell component pouch
Small steel mirror
5xEmpty vials
Rations (2 wks)
8' pole
Alchemist's tools
Mwk. Thieves' tools
Tinder box
Sealing wax
100' Silk Rope
Scrying Mirror (at base)
Contingency arcane focus
Shapechange arcane focus
Clockwork planar orrery (at base)
Several vials of mummy dust
2 vials of a "dragonmark drug"

"Alchemical" items:
7x Alchemist's fire
3x Holy water
4x Acid
5x Tindertwig
7x Antitoxin
5x Sunrod

Aid (1d8+2 temp hp)
Barkskin (+3)
Cat's grace x2
Cure light wounds x4
Cure serious wounds x2
Lesser Restoration x2
Shield of Faith (+5) x2

Acid Fog x3
Comprehend Languages
Endure Elements
Invisibility x3
Locate Creature
Locate Object
Mage Armor x2
Magic Circle vs Evil x4
Magic Weapon x2
Melf's Acid Arrow
Obscuring Mist
Protection from Arrows x2
Protection vs Evil x2
See Invisibility x4
Spider Climb
Summon Monster III
Teleport x2
True Seeing
True Strike

Color Spray: 5
Dispel Magic (10th level): 48
Fireball: 18
Fly: 31
Hold Person: 5
Ice Storm: 44
Invisibility: 33
Lightning Bolt: 20
Magic Missile (9th level): 47
Melf's Acid Arrow: 8

19,588 gp
10 stoneskin material components
3 true seeing material components

DC: 19 + [spell level] + 1 (if transmutation or evocation) +2 (with greater magical flow enhancement)
Slots and spellbooks: see http://www.drmathison.org/printable.php
Spellbook; Eberron shard spellbook (crescent staff); Codex of change; Indigo folio; Raven Tome; Professor Emille Jurreaux's Research Notes; Codex Necronomicus (foul necromancy!); Scrolls of Argus Ful; Harkun the Betrayer's Grimoire; Libram of Black Dreams; Prophecies of Keyer Vengt: Joseph Ir'Birron Recension; Von Kleist Folio; Dr. Owlbear's spellbooks, Dr. Owlbear's Apprentice's Spellbook

- Spell I can't find to attribute a level: "Blessing of Mutation"

No familiar
+1 inherent bonus to Int
Cohort: Kragesh (LE Hobgoblin Wiz3/Clr3/MysticTheurge7)
Several followers
Air Mephit: 13hp, Init+7, Mv30/Fl60, Ac17, Att +4/+4: 1d3/1d3, F+3/R+6/W+3, DR 5/magic, darkvision 60', Fast healing 2 (in moving air), Hide+13, blur 1/day, gust of wind 1/day, ad8 breath (dc12)

Typical spell effects in place:
(all day:)
Mind blank
Moment of prescience
Contingency (Break Enchantment when I fail a save against an enchantment, transmutation, or curse.)
Protection from arrows
Elemental Body (air) (darkvision, fly 30, elemental immunities)
Detect Scrying
Superior Resistance
Rary's Telepathic Bond
Mirror Image
See Invisibility
Improved Invisibility
Magic circle vs evil
Enhance magical flow, greater
Cat's Grace
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[Character sheet for: Sir Dr. M. Montgomery Mathison III] - [Dr. Mathison cont'd - Gear] - [Character sheet for: Kragesh (Dr. Mathison's henchman)] - [Kragesh cont'd - Spells]
drmathison       (4/22/08 at 13:05)
Character sheet for: Kragesh (Dr. Mathison's henchman)
LE Hobgoblin Wizard (Conjurer) 3 / Cleric (Dragon Below) 3 / Mystic Theurge 8
Medium size

HP: 88
AC: 18 (14 touch, 14 flat-footed; 4 mage armor + 2 dex + 2 deflection)
Movement: 30
Caster level checks: +11
Spell penetration checks: +13
STR 10 [+0] (+2 enhancement = 12 [+1])
DEX 14 [+2]
CON 16 [+3]
INT 18 [+4] (+2 enhancement = 20 [+5])
WIS 15 [+2] (+2 enhancement = 17 [+3])
CHA 12 [+1]

Fort: +11 (= 6 base + 3 ability + 2 resistance)
Ref: +8 (= 4 base +2 ability + 2 resistance)
Will: +17 (=12 base + 3 ability + 2 resistance)

BAB: +7/+2
Grapple: +8
Rays: +9 touch / cr: 20x2
Rays w/ "Lucky bonus" and haste: +14 touch / cr: 20x2
Mwk. Byeshk Mace: +9/+4 1d8+2 / cr: 20x2
Melee touch: +8 touch / cr: 20x2

Diplomacy5212 (synergy: sense motive)
Hide7205 (cloak of elvenkind)
Intimidate11182 (cosmopolitan?)
Knowledge(planes)225 17
Move Silently11209 (+5 boots of elvenkind, +4 racial)
Sense motive14392 (cosmopolitan)
Spellcraft22*517 [+2 conj / -5 illus/ench]

XP: ??
Scribe scroll [bonus]
Augment Summoning [bonus]
Spell Penetration
Cosmopolitan: Intimidate
Extend Spell
Improved Counterspell
Cosmopolitan: Sense Motive

Special Abilities:
Rebuke Undead 4/day
Rebuke Earth 4/day
Channels negative energy


Periapt of wisdom +2
Cloak of elvenkind/resistance +2
Boots of elvenkind
Headband of intelligence +2
Ring of protection +2
Gauntlets of Ogre Strength +2
Mwk. Byeshk Mace
Wand: Cure Light Wounds (50)

4,750 gp

DC: 15 + [spell level]
DC: 13 + [spell level]
Edited by: drmathison
[Character sheet for: Sir Dr. M. Montgomery Mathison III] - [Dr. Mathison cont'd - Gear] - [Character sheet for: Kragesh (Dr. Mathison's henchman)] - [Kragesh cont'd - Spells]
drmathison       (5/5/08 at 21:47)
Kragesh cont'd - Spells

Wizard spells known:
0: all PHB
1: Summon monster I*, Comprehend languages, Identify, Mage armor*, Unseen servant*, Magic missile, Shield, Alarm, Protection from alignment, Grease*, Endure elements, Cause fear
2: Summon monster II*, Detect thoughts, See invisibility, Blindness/deafness, Knock, Alter Self, Scorching Ray, Web*, Summon swarm*, Glitterdust*, Command Undead
3: Summon monster III*, Vampiric touch, Fireball, Stinking cloud*, Clairvoyance/clairaudience, Dispel magic, Magic circle, Fly
4: Summon monster IV*, Scrying, Fear, Enervation, Evard's black tentacles*, Dimensional anchor, Dimension door*, Animate dead, Bestow Curse
5: Summon monster V*, Rary's telepathic bond, Teleport*, Cloudkill*, Baleful polymorph, waves of fatigue
6: Acid Fog*, Wall of Iron*, Summon Monster VI, Circle of Death, Superior Resistance

(other necromancy spells picked up by mathison: Undeath to death; create undead; control undead; create greater undead; finger of death; horrid wilting; wail of the banshee)

Typical spell load:

Cleric 11 (Dragon below, Earth) - DC 13+Spell level - Channel negative energy
0 (6): Cure minor wounds, Detect magic x2, Guidance, Mending, Read magic
1 (6+D): *Magic stone, Command, Entropic shield, Remove fear, Detect evil, Deathwatch
2 (5+D): *Death knell, Delay poison, Lesser restoration, Resist energy, Cure moderate wounds x2
3 (5+D): *Stone shape, Cure serious wounds x2, Dispel magic, Remove blindness/deafness
4 (3+D): *Spike stones, Cure critical wounds, Restoration, Death Ward
5 (2+D): *Slay living, Mass cure light wounds, True Seeing
6 (1+D): *Stoneskin, Heroes' Feast

Wizard 11 (Conjuror) - DC 15+Spell level
0 (4): Read magic, Mage hand, Message, Detect poison
1 (6+1): Mage armor*, Shield x2, Magic missile x3, Comprehend languages
2 (5+1): Summon swarm*, See invisibility, Glitterdust*, Knock, Alter self, Web*
3 (5+1): Stinking Cloud*, Fly, Magic circle against evil, Fireball, Clairvoyance
4 (4+1): Summon monster IV*, Fear, Evard's black tentacles*, Scrying, Dimension door*
5 (3+1): Summon monster V* x2, Cloudkill*, Teleport*
6 (1+1): Acid Fog*, Superior Resistance

*Domain or specialty school spell

Kragesh's typical "Buff and then stay at the base" spell load:

Cleric 11 (Dragon below, Earth):
6 (1+D): *Stoneskin, Heroes' Feast
5 (2+D): *Wall of Stone, Extended Spell Immunity (or Extended Freedom of Movement) x2
4 (3+D): *Spike stones, Freedom of Movement, Spell Immunity x2 ( or maybe Death Ward)
3 (5+D): *Stone shape, Magic Circle vs. Evil x2, Protection from Energy x3
2 (5+D): *Death knell, Resist Energy x5

Wizard 11 (Conjuror) - DC 15+Spell level
6 (1+1): Acid Fog*, Superior Resistance
5 (3+1): Teleport* x2, Rary's Telepathic Bond (backup!), Extended Stoneskin
4 (4+1): Extended Greater Mage Armor*, Extended Flame Arrow, Extended Keen Edge x2, Detect Scrying
3 (5+1): Stinking Cloud*, Keen Edge, Flame Arrow, Protection from Energy x3
2 (5+1): Web*, Snake's Swiftness, Resist Energy, Protection from Arrows x3 (or maybe Spider Climb?)

Note - Mathison has allowed Kragesh to copy some wizard spells out of his books, but I haven't come up with a complete list yet.

Sample summons

V - Augmented axiomatic brown bear: STR31 CON23 HD6 HP63 AC15 Mv40 I+1
F+9 R+6 W+3 F/R10/5 cold/fire/elect/sonic resist5 SR11 darkvision 60', scent
claws +13/+13: 1d8+10/1d8+10; bite +8: 2d6+5; improved grab +18; smite chaos 1/day: 1d8+16

IV - Augmented fiendish dire wolf: STR29 CON21 HD6 HP57 AC14 Mv50 I+2
F+8 R+7 W+6 F/R10/5 DR5/magic cold/fire resist5 SR11 darkvision 60', scent
bite +13: 1d8+13; trip +13; smite good 1/day: 1d8+19

III - Augmented fiendish ape: STR25 CON18 HD4 HP37 AC14 Mv30 / climb 20 I+2
F+6 R+6 W+2 F/R10/10 DR5/magic cold/fire resist5 SR9 darkvision 60', scent
claws +9/+9: 1d6+7/1d6+7; bite +4: 1d6+3; smite good 1/day: 1d6+11
Edited by: drmathison
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